Jungkook BTS' Fan Song 'Never Let Go' Becomes Number One in the Music World

Jungkook's 'Never Let Go' Becomes a Global Sensation on YouTube, Trending in 32 Countries and Topping iTunes Charts in 101 Nations.

Jungkook BTS' Fan Song 'Never Let Go' Becomes Number One in the Music World

Jungkook of BTS Reaches New Heights with 'Never Let Go' Audio Video on YouTube & iTunes

Jungkook, a member of the globally acclaimed K-pop group BTS, has once again demonstrated his massive popularity and musical prowess with the release of his latest single, 'Never Let Go.' On June 8, the audio video for 'Never Let Go' skyrocketed in popularity on YouTube, quickly becoming one of the most talked-about music videos worldwide.

The impact of 'Never Let Go' has been profound, trending in 32 countries, including Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Argentina, and Japan. This widespread acclaim highlights Jungkook's international appeal and the song's resonance with a diverse global audience.

The audio video has proven to be a major hit, topping YouTube music video charts with ease. It has garnered over 3.7 million views and amassed more than 620,000 likes, showcasing the song's rapid ascent and the enthusiastic reception from fans. Remarkably, 'Never Let Go' achieved these milestones and ranked 7th in trending music solely through its audio, without any promotional efforts—a testament to Jungkook's strong fanbase and the song's inherent appeal.

JUNGKOOK’s ‘Never Let Go’ Has Now No.1s on iTunes Worldwide

'Never Let Go' is also notable for being the fastest-rising song among those released in 2024. This swift rise to prominence underscores Jungkook's ability to captivate audiences and maintain a significant presence in the competitive music industry.

In addition to its YouTube success, 'Never Let Go' has made waves on iTunes. The song topped the iTunes charts in 101 countries, further solidifying its status as a global hit. It also secured the number one spot on both the worldwide and European iTunes charts, reflecting its broad and enthusiastic reception.

The success of 'Never Let Go' adds to Jungkook's impressive track record as a solo artist. Before this release, he had already established himself as a formidable talent, with multiple hits that showcased his vocal abilities and artistic versatility. This latest achievement not only reaffirms his place in the music industry but also sets the stage for future successes.

Despite being a member of BTS, Jungkook's solo endeavors have allowed him to explore new musical territories and connect with fans on a deeper level. 'Never Let Go' serves as a powerful example of his ability to craft music that resonates universally, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers.

As fans eagerly anticipate more solo projects from Jungkook, 'Never Let Go' stands as a milestone in his career, demonstrating his continued evolution as an artist and his unwavering influence in the global music scene. This song's success on multiple platforms highlights the enduring impact of his music and his ability to inspire and connect with listeners around the world.

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