BTS' V Spotted in SDT Military Uniform Chatting with BIG MAMA's Lee Ji-young, Sending Fans into a Frenzy

BTS' V, Sporting SDT Military Uniform, Engages in Heartwarming Interaction with BIG MAMA's Lee Ji-young, Sending Fandom into a Meltdown. Watch!

BTS' V Spotted in SDT Military Uniform Chatting with BIG MAMA's Lee Ji-young, Sending Fans into a Frenzy

BTS' V Sports SDT Military Uniform While Greeting BIG MAMA's Lee Ji Young

BTS' V was recently seen engaging in a lively conversation with BIG MAMA's Lee Ji-young. In a clip shared on social media on June 9, the Slow Dancing singer, clad in his all-black SDT (Special Duty Team) military uniform and stylish shades, was captured chatting with the veteran K-pop artist. The brief but heartwarming interaction concluded with V shaking Lee Ji-young's hand and giving her a respectful salute before resuming his military duties.

This rare sight of V in his military uniform sent his fans into a frenzy, further highlighting the singer's enduring popularity even during his mandatory military service. V, whose real name is Kim Taehyung, began his service in December 2023. After an initial five-week basic training at the military boot camp, he underwent three additional weeks of training at the Army General Administration School. He is now part of the ROK II Corps, serving in the elite SDT unit.

V's Role in Rigorous SDT Unit 

The SDT unit is known for its rigorous training and specialized roles, including anti-terrorism operations, initial response to violent crimes, special operations, VIP protection, and mobile strikes in urban environments. V's involvement in such a prestigious unit underscores his dedication and commitment to his national duties.

V's Solo Success Shines Despite Military Enlistment

Before his enlistment, V made significant strides in his solo career. His debut album 'Layover,' released in September 2023, featured six tracks, with 'Slow Dancing' as the lead single. In addition to his solo work, V collaborated with UMI on a track and appeared in IU's music video for 'Love Wins All.' Most recently, on March 15, BIGHIT MUSIC released his new single "FRI(END)S," further solidifying his presence in the music industry.

Despite his temporary departure from the entertainment scene due to his military service, V continues to captivate and inspire his fans, eagerly awaiting his return. The recent interaction with Lee Ji-young serves as a reminder of his charm and the respect he commands within the K-pop community.

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