Song Hye Kyo Talks About the Definition of Beauty as You Get Older

Korean Actress Song Hye Kyo Reflects on 25 Years in Entertainment, Discusses Aging Gracefully, and Talks About Her New Role in 'Dark Nuns' in Harper's Bazaar Interview.

Song Hye Kyo Talks About the Definition of Beauty as You Get Older

Song Hye Kyo Discusses the Evolving Definition of Beauty with Age

Song Hye Kyo has been in the world of entertainment for 25 years. Unconsciously, the actor Kang Mo-yeon in the drama Descendants of the Sun (2016) is already 42 years old.Starting from being a child model when she was 14 years old. Debuted as an actress through New Generation Report: Adults Don't Know (1995). Just got his first role in Happy Morning (1997).

Most recently, Song Hye Kyo appeared in the June edition of Harper's Bazaar Korea magazine. In the photo shoot, the K-Pop actress shared her feelings about being no longer shared her thoughts on aging.

'I'm not burdened in front of the camera as I get older. That's natural. To a certain extent, I try to age more slowly. But I won't deny time,' said Song Hye Kyo, quoted from Soompi on Saturday (18/5/2024)

According to Song Hye Kyo, her bright and youthful appearance will fade as she gets older. However, that doesn't mean someone is no longer attractive. Because beauty is natural.

'One cannot always maintain a bright and youthful face. I believe light makeup and simple clothes make us more stylish as we get older,' she continued.

Apart from that, Song Hye Kyo reviewed the drama 'The Glory' which ended on March 10 2023. For him, the role of Moon Dong Eun lives completely in his soul. So it takes a long time to move on.

'I was very empty when the drama ended. Because I no longer had to live as Dong Eun. I think because the drama was emotional and my character experienced inhuman suffering,' he continued.

Song Hye Kyo Also Talks About Her New Role in 'Dark Nuns' in Harper's Bazaar Interview

Additionally, Song Hye Kyo is promoting her latest film, 'Dark Nuns,' which tells the story of two nuns struggling to save a child possessed by an evil spirit. In the film, Song Hye Kyo plays Sister Junio, one of the nuns. She expressed her excitement about the role, describing it as both challenging and fun. 'It's my first time acting like that. I can't wait to see facial expressions that I've never seen before, different from Dong Eun,' she shared, highlighting her enthusiasm for exploring new facets of her acting abilities.

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