'Lovely Runner' Shatters Records: A Time-Travel Romance Soaring to New Heights with Weekday Ratings

'Lovely Runner' Triumphs with Record-Breaking Ratings, Anticipation Mounts for Episode 11 as Im Sol's Final Ride Unfolds - Catch the Time-Travel Romance on tvN, Viki, and Viu.

'Lovely Runner' Shatters Records: A Time-Travel Romance Soaring to New Heights with Weekday Ratings

'Lovely Runner' Continues to Captivate: Episode 11 Anticipation Builds as Ratings Hold Steady

'Lovely Runner's journey is undeniably delightful, captivating audiences with its enchanting narrative. The tvN time-travel romance has not only won over hearts but also soared to new heights of success. 

According to Nielsen Korea, the Monday-Tuesday series, headlined by Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon, shattered its previous viewership record of 4.459% set on April 29 with Episode 7. Building on this momentum, Episode 9, aired on May 6, surpassed expectations by claiming a nationwide rating of approximately 4.8%, with an impressive 5.638% viewership rating in Seoul. This achievement signifies the show's remarkable ascent in popularity and solidifies its position as a standout in the realm of Korean dramas.

Lovely Runner: Episode 11

In the latest developments of 'Lovely Runner,' Episode 10, which aired on May 7, promises to deliver more twists and turns as the series continues to enthrall viewers with its captivating storyline. As fans eagerly await Episode 11, scheduled for release on Monday, May 13, 2024, on tvN, anticipation mounts for the unfolding of Im Sol's final journey back in time and its impact on the future and character dynamics. International audiences can also catch the series on Viki and Viu, ensuring a global audience for this engaging time-travel romance. 

Other K-dramas Rating: 'Nothing Uncovered' Dips, and 'The Midnight Studio' Concludes

Meanwhile, KBS2’s 'Nothing Uncovered' experienced a slight dip in ratings ahead of its finale, recording an average nationwide rating of 2.7 percent, while ENA’s 'The Midnight Studio' concluded its run with a steady average nationwide rating of 2.0 percent, maintaining consistency till the end. As the drama landscape evolves, 'Lovely Runner' continues to stand out, promising viewers an unforgettable ride through time and emotion.

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