'Lovely Runner' Episode 11 Maintains Dominance in Ratings with 4.7% Nationwide

'Lovely Runner' Episode 11 Maintaining Top Ratings, Enticing Viewers with Time-Travel Romance, and Securing Chart-Topping Success on TV-OTT Platforms, Featuring the Stellar Chemistry of Byun Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon Lead the Drama to Popularity Heights.

'Lovely Runner' Episode 11 Maintains Dominance in Ratings with 4.7% Nationwide

Lovely Runner Continues its Winning Streak: Episode 11 Clinches Top Ratings Once Again

The latest episode of the Monday-Tuesday drama 'Lovely Runner' continued its reign at the top of the ratings chart, solidifying its position as a favorite among viewers. 

According to Nielsen Korea, the 11th episode, which aired on May 13 KST, achieved a nationwide rating of 4.7% on paid platforms, showcasing consistent popularity. Although experiencing a minor decrease of 0.1% compared to the previous broadcast, the drama maintained its stronghold, particularly in metropolitan areas where it attained an impressive rating of 5.7%. This performance underscores the enduring appeal and captivation of 'Lovely Runner' among its dedicated audience.

'Lovely Runner' takes viewers on a captivating journey through the eyes of Im Sol (played by Kim Hye Yoon), a devoted fan plunged into turmoil by the presumed death of beloved artist Ryu Sun Jae (portrayed by Byun Woo Seok). Transported back to 2008, Im Sol grapples with the opportunity to rewrite destiny. The drama skillfully intertwines elements of time travel with a spellbinding romantic comedy narrative, showcasing the chemistry between Byun Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon. Audiences are enthralled by the unexpected twists and turns, expertly crafted by meticulous direction, breathing life into pivotal moments of the storyline.

Chemistry Reigns: 'Lovely Runner' Stars Shine in Topicality and Popularity Rankings

The enchanting on-screen chemistry between Ryu Seon-jae and Im Sol has resonated deeply with viewers, infusing the narrative of 'Lovely Runner' with layers of excitement. Their journey, marked by repeated time slips and the blossoming of their relationship, has become a focal point of the drama's allure.

In a testament to its widespread appeal, the drama soared to the top of the charts in the first week of May, as reported by the Good Data Corporation Fundex, a leading K-content online competitiveness analysis agency. Commanding an impressive 24.19% in TV-OTT general topicality and a staggering 60.52% in TV-OTT drama topicality, 'Lovely Runner' captivated audiences across platforms. Furthermore, Byun Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon's stellar performances propelled them to the pinnacle of popularity rankings for TV-OTT drama actors, solidifying their status as darlings of the small screen.

New Drama Showdown: 'Dare to Love Me' vs. 'Crash' Premieres with Promising Ratings

KBS2’s latest offering, 'Dare to Love Me,' made its debut with a nationwide viewership rating of 2.3 percent, setting the stage for a new rom-com journey. Centered around the unlikely love story between Shin Yoon Bok (portrayed by Kim Myung Soo), a staunch believer in Confucian principles hailing from Seongsan village, and his spirited art teacher Kim Hong Do (played by Lee Yoo Young), the series promises to blend tradition with contemporary romance. 

Meanwhile, on ENA, 'Crash' took viewers on a thrilling ride with its premiere, garnering an average nationwide viewership rating of 2.2 percent. The crime investigation drama follows the exploits of the Traffic Crime Investigation (TCI) team, led by the rational individualist Cha Yeon Ho (played by Lee Min Ki) and the team's ace, Min So Hee (portrayed by Kwak Sun Young), as they tackle crimes unfolding on the road. With both dramas off to a promising start, viewers can anticipate a diverse array of captivating narratives and compelling characters in the weeks to come.

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