Exciting Casting Buzz: Jin Ki Joo and Kim Min Ju in Talks for 'Undercover High School,' with Seo Kang Joon Also Eyed to Join the Comedy-Action Flick!

Embarking on an Espionage Adventure: 'Undercover High School' Drama Unveils Stellar Cast and Premiere Date on MBC - Get Ready for a Thrilling Ride!

Exciting Casting Buzz: Jin Ki Joo and Kim Min Ju in Talks for 'Undercover High School,' with Seo Kang Joon Also Eyed to Join the Comedy-Action Flick!

Seo Kang Joon, Jin Ki Joo, & Kim Min Ju in Talks for Lead Roles in 'Undercover High School

'Undercover High School' promises to be an exciting blend of comedy and action with the potential casting of Jin Ki Joo, Kim Min Ju, and Seo Kang Joon. Jin Ki Joo and Kim Min Ju's potential involvement has already sparked anticipation, with Management SOOP confirming Kim Min Ju's consideration for a role. 

While Jin Ki Joo's agency has yet to comment, the prospect of these talented actors joining forces in a high school setting suggests an entertaining and dynamic series ahead. With their combined star power and potential chemistry, 'Undercover High School' could become a must-watch for fans of both genres.

Undercover High School: Synopsis - Plot 

'Undercover High School' is an exhilarating comedy-action drama that follows the journey of a man who assumes the guise of a high school student while concealing his true identity as an agent of the National Intelligence Service (NIS). As he immerses himself in the world of teenagers, navigating the intricacies of school life, he finds himself forging unexpected bonds and forming solidarities with his classmates. Penned by the talented screenwriter Im Young Bin, known for his work on 'Bad Prosecutor,' this upcoming series promises to deliver a unique blend of humor, suspense, and heartfelt moments as it explores the challenges and adventures of undercover espionage within the halls of a high school.

Cast of 'Undercover high school' K-drama 

In March, exciting details emerged about the potential casting for 'Undercover High School,' with Seo Kang Joon being considered for the role of Jung Hae Sung, an undercover agent who assumes the identity of a high school student. If finalized, this would mark Seo Kang Joon's highly anticipated return to the screen following his discharge from military service in May 2023.

Additionally, Jin Ki Joo has been offered the role of Oh Soo Ah, a temporary teacher who becomes Jung Hae Sung's homeroom teacher at Byeongmun High School. 

Meanwhile, Kim Min Ju is in discussions for the character of Lee Ye Na, the daughter of the school chairman and the student council president. Lee Ye Na is portrayed as aloof and meticulous, consistently securing the top spot in various competitions and popularity polls through extreme efforts behind the scenes. With such an intriguing lineup, 'Undercover High School' promises to be a captivating drama filled with suspense, humor, and engaging character dynamics.

Undercover High School: Release Date & Where To Watch 

'Undercover High School' is scheduled to premiere early next year on MBC. Get ready for an action-packed ride filled with comedy and suspense! Stay tuned for more updates as the excitement builds for this highly anticipated drama.

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